tea for life journey

Organic loose leaf teas for your life journey:

the big stages & those smaller moments in between.

your journey, your tea

Exceptional Organic Loose Leaf Teas
A Uniquely
Personal Blend

Traditional Medicine looks at the entire picture of a person's constitution, current symptoms, patterns & presentation as a unique case. We can create a custom formula that is tailored to your specific needs. Please click to complete a questionnaire:

With you on your life journey: the big stages & those smaller moments in between.
Serendipitea founders Linda and Patricia
About Us

We founded Serendipitea in order to support women through their life journey. We believe in the ancient wisdom & modern understanding of the power of traditional medicine, as well as the simple joy of tea drinking! We share knowledge to inspire you, so that you may take your & your family’s health into your own hands, as part of an empowered global communitea. Let’s walk together on your journey to well-being & the confidence of becoming your best self.


With love Linda & Patricia