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Loving thanks to Barrie Lanyon for additional graphics for Serendipitea packaging.

Huge gratitude to Becca and Yannick of Lagher and Sulocki ( who brought our tea experience to life in a set of wonderful shoots which you see on our homepage and social media.


A warm and heartfelt thank you to all the talented photographers whose work is a big part of what makes the Serendipitea “home” a beautiful one! 

Pietro Jeng


PhotoMIX Company


Valeria Boltneva


Anna Shvets


Vicky Tran



Andrea Piacquadio


Javon Swaby


Mateusz Dach


Matheus Bertelli


Vlad Bagacian




Olga Mironova

Dana Tentis


RODNAE Productions


Polina Tankilevitch

Polina Zimmerman

Dennis Magati


Andrea Piacquadio


Dennis Magati


Ketut Subiyanto




Ksenia Chernaya


Ilzy Sousa


Valeriia Miller


Jonathan Borba