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Serendipitea also supports your life journey with personal appointments with our experts. 


On this page you can supercharge your health, personal and professional development with a consultation with Serendipitea’s herbalist, tea expert or coach. All appointments are held online.



In the modern digital world, our brains are constantly challenged by a range of attention-grabbing stimuli. In fact, we live in an "attention economy" where our attention is a highly traded commodity. Do you find yourself too often being distracted and under-productive? Or you feel simply overwhelmed by all you have to do and everything that needs your attention?

Serendipitea co-founder Linda Lanyon is a Certified Coach and PhD Neuroscientist who specialises in the brain circuits related to attention. Book a call to see whether coaching could help you regain your focus and mental energy so you can live and work with more clarity, purpose and productivity.

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