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Serendipitea Events

Our experts host tea tasting events & workshops, with partners, around themes related to self-empowerment for women, women's health, traditional medicine and herbalism, plus other modalities such as dance.


Chase away your inner gremlins & embody this through dance!

Friday 18th August
Hässelby Villastad Söder, Stockholm


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A workshop to help you move from “I’m not good enough” to the confidence to achieve your own version of success. Using techniques from coaching and dance to integrate mind and body, you will gain awareness of your inner voice and the confidence to overcome its barriers!

3 lively key sessions:

  • Chase the Gremlin - identifying the inner Gremlins that may be holding you back

  • Indian Dance to connect mind and body

  • Serendipitea tea tasting



Through this holistic experience, your overall feeling of wellness and confidence will increase 



Pallavi Bhagwat, Indian dance choreographer & Heartfulness meditation trainer

Linda Lanyon, PhD neuroscientist & coach



Do you have goals but often find something holds you back from fully achieving them? Is there an inner voice telling you that maybe you're not qualified enough to go for that promotion, or perhaps you're not good enough to do that thing that you would like to try? Are you open to some fun self-reflection in a small group of like-minded women in a safe atmosphere? ....and would like to have even more fun experiencing Indian dance?



The aim of this workshop is to help women overcome inner barriers to achieving their life or career ambitions. We will do this through a very interactive workshop and dance session, designed to help everyone achieve personal breakthroughs and have a lot of fun!



This event begins with a workshop in which we will identify and coach our our inner "gremlins", working toward increased self-awareness and confidence. Next an Indian dance wellness class will help us embody the empowering messages from the workshop, using dance movements to reconnect our minds and bodies. During two break sessions we will taste teas from Serendipitea and learn about different types of tea.


The workshop is led by:

- Linda Lanyon PhD, Neuroscientist & Coach, Serendipitea co-founder & tea sommelier

- Pallavi Bhagwat, Indian Dance choreographer & teacher, founder of Margam Wellness.


1300-1730 Friday 18th August



Hässelby Villastad 16572, Stockholm 


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Photo by Jill Wellington from Pexels

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Linda Lanyon PhD, Neuroscientist & Coach, Tea sommelier

Founder, Linda Lanyon Coaching; Co-founder, Serendipitea


Linda coaches professional women, helping them achieve their goals by harnessing positive energy and mindset, identifying and overcoming any internal barriers. She is a PhD neuroscientist specialising in attention, and helps people maintain focus in an age of digital distraction. She is an experienced international communicator, and her career has spanned government, academic, non-profit and private sectors.


Her early career was spent working in the UK Government leading software development teams. During her PhD in computational neuroscience in the UK, she developed a model of visual attention that explains brain processes in healthy people and those with disease. She conducted postdoctoral research in Canada, combining computational modelling with MRI neuroimaging in healthy people and patients, to examine neural processes and brain connectivity in health and disease. She moved to Sweden in 2011 and became Executive Director of the leading international neuroinformatics organisation, INCF, which brings together scientists around the world to develop common solutions to advance brain research. 


Linda has a lifelong commitment to gender equality and the elevation of women in the workforce and society. She is a former Director of the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology, and volunteer adviser to the Professional Women’s Network - Global.

Linda is a tea enthusiast and sommalier. In 2020, she was inspired to co-found Serendipitea, a tea company that provides exceptional artisanal teas and supports women through various life stages with herbal remedy teas.

Pallavi Bhagwat, Indian Dance Choreographer & Teacher

Founder, Margam Wellness

Pallavi’s journey of teaching dance began 25 years ago, so far covering India, Middle East and Europe.

Her education in dance began in the early years of life and has been a continuous process till date. She is a trained Indian classical dancer and has taken the lessons of Bharatanatyam under the remarkable guidance of Gurus (Teachers) Dr. Sucheta Bhide Chapekar and Late Mrs. Ashwini Ekbote.

With years of experience in performing, teaching, and choreographing dance, she has designed some interesting courses. These courses are a combination of Indian classical dance, folk dances of India and contemporary dance styles. 

Her corporate work has been in the field of Tourism and Destination management. Pallavi has worked with big multinationals and startups in the field of tourism for around 15 plus years. Her travel and interaction with the people around the world have added to her knowledge of dance and culture. Pallavi is associated with PWN Stockholm which is a networking and developmental platform for professional women. She has been the board member and VP Events at PWN Stockholm and has managed many interesting and engaging events for the organization.

Along with Dance, meditation has been a part of Pallavi's journey. She has been practicing Heartfulness meditation for many years and is a Heartfulness meditation trainer.


Workshop Flyer

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Past Events

  • 19th Nov 2021 - Workshop "Overcome your internal barriers & step into success" Co-hosted with Margam Wellness, Linda Lanyon Coaching & Professional Women's Network Stockholm

  • 14th June 2021 - Facebook live about herbs, wellness and teas, with the Menopausal Expats

  • 11th June 2021 - Virtual breakfast: Wellness from traditional herbalism perspective & tea, with Her Way

  • 9th June 2021 - Virtual tea tasting & wellness, with Professional Women's Network Stockholm

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