How do I contact Serendipitea?

Please email us at info@serendipitea.world

Where is Serendipitea based?

We operate from Stockholm, Sweden.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver within the European Union (EU) and European Economic Area (EEA), Switzerland, UK and Canada.

When will my order arrive?

We usually dispatch the same day if you order before 12 noon Central European Time, and guarantee to dispatch the next working day. An estimated delivery date is normally provided at checkout and you will be able to track your parcel. Currently all shipping companies are experiencing delays due to the pandemic.

What if there’s a problem with my order when it arrives?

Please contact us immediately at info@serendipitea.world and we will resolve the issue. Please note, we do not accept returns beyond 30 days of delivery date.

What is your returns policy?

Our policy can be read here.

What is your policy in relation to data and privacy?

Our policy can be read here.

What is Traditional Oriental Medicine or Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Please see this page of our website: Traditional medicine

Why do you sell loose leaf tea instead of in teabag?

We do this for reasons of quality and environment - please read more on these pages: Why loose leaf tea? Ethos

What is Oolong tea?

Please see this page of our website: Types of tea

What is Pu-Erh tea?

Please see this page of our website: Types of tea

How can I tell which teas contain caffeine?

Please see this page of our website which describes the caffeine content in various types of tea: Types of tea

Where can I find the ingredients of each tea?

On each tea product page, there is an expandable section called ‘Ingredients’ on the lower right. Please click on this to expand if it is not already expanded.

Where can I find the brewing instructions for each tea?

On each product page for the Your Day teas, there is an expandable section called ‘Brewing’ on the lower right. Please click on this to expand. Instructions for brewing the Your Life teas can be found on their packaging.

Do you sell teas to men as well as women?

We welcome any adult purchasing our teas for themselves or as a gift.

Do you sell teas as gifts?

Our teas and accessories make wonderful gifts. We are planning to stock gift packages in future. If you are interested in a gift package in the meantime please contact us at info@serendipitea.world.

Do you sell other accessories such as mugs, tea filters, teapots, gua sha tools?

We have some other accessories in stock and will make these available online soon. Please contact us in the meantime if you are interested in other products: info@serendipitea.world

Where can I buy Serendipitea in person?

In Stockholm, you can find Serendipitea at:

Nuova Spa & Skincare
Vidholmsbackarna 11 165 72 Hässelby tel. 073-594 49 70 info@nuovaspa.com

Hela Dig
Ångermannagatan 164
162 65 Vällingby

Integrativ Hälsa
Skånegatan 97 - by Sofia Church in Södermalm