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Our information booklets, available to members, contain more information relevant to the life stages we address, and can be found on the life stage pages: 


Our list of communitea resources is being added to daily. Please contact us at if you have suggestions for useful resources that should be linked here.

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To help reset your mindset and energy, and shake off any old gremlins, in a very time-efficient way, try Rapid Tapping from Poppy Delbridge (@poppydelbridge) at the House of Possibility (@houseofpossibility): Poppy often does free live tapping on Instagram @rapidtapping - look for her at 11.11am UK time every Monday.


Mindful meditations are a wonderful technique for calming, reset and focus. See our mindfulness video page


There are a number of very good phone apps for mindfulness meditations, such as Calm and Headspace. 


Additional Mindful Breathing video designed for teenagers, but also works for adults:

If you find classic mindfulness meditations difficult to follow because your mind wanders when you sit and “do nothing” except concentrate on your breath, you may find Sophrology a very useful technique. It combines mindful breathing with movements and visualisations. Deeply empowering and calming: good for anxiety and insomnia, for example. Discover more about Sophrology at or @besophrolondon on Instagram.

Many online resources for yoga exist. We follow our friend Taucha at on Instagram, and wonderful yoga for menopause expert Julie Ann Garrido:

mindful moment
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Qi Gong is a century old practice of movement that is used as a form of meditation. It has its roots in Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) and is also a healing modality. According to TOM, it is the only exercise known to “yang sheng” (nourish life) and can be practiced into old age without any type of physical strain on the body.

Ping Shuai practice is a specific form of Qi Gong developed by a Taiwanese practitioner. It is known to move circulation and turn on the healing mechanism in the body and therefore can be used for various ailments. 

Here is an entry-level video:

Fia Hobbs is a medical Qi Gong practitioner and teacher, as well as author, speaker and therapist. She has created the Stress to Strength program, which empowers those affected by illness and those around them to find a better quality of life and regain ownership and control of their lives overall. 
Stress to Strength program:
Facebook page for upcoming events (in Swedish & English):ård-ab/qigong-och-stresshantering-med-fia-hobbs/1020494184756753/


The following video has techniques for calming the stress/anxiety response 

‘Turn off Anxiety in your Nervous System: Four Ways to Turn on the Parasympathetic Response’

Please see our video page for more resources.

In addition to the techniques above (mindfulness, sophrology, yoga, qi gong), body treatments such as massage, reflexology and therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) can be very helpful in reducing symptoms of stress and anxiety. Most cities have clinics and spa offering relevant treatments. In NW Stockholm, we like Hela Dig in Vällingby ( and Nuova Spa in Hässelby (

burnout reset

Thrive Global:


Enkindle Global:


The Burnout Doctor podcast by Dr Jessica Louie: 

Bullying leading to Burnout (in the context of the religious Ministry, but the text applies more widely):


Menopause, work and personal relationships:


The Menopausal Expat group on Facebook - fun, support and community if you find yourself going through menopause while living outside your “home” country:

The impact of menopause on work:

You can now find online yoga teachers specialising in peri/menopause. We love Julie Ann Garrido: 

Pelvic fitness, including incontinence, can be an issue during menopause. We recommend the 28-day Buff Muff Challenge by Kim Vopni, the Vagina Coach. It works! The challenge is very easy to follow from your phone and you are part of a community. Kim is incredibly knowledgeable about pelvic health.

Family Fishing

The Global Mobility Trainer, Anna Seidel, gives straight talk and sound advice for families on the move. In particular, she supports families raising third culture kids (TCKs) - find her on Facebook: and Instagram:

Resilient Expat Families group on Facebook 


Expat Happy Hour podcast by Sundae Schneider Bean: 

The Menopausal Expat group on Facebook:


Breast lymphatic massage (relates to menopause, lactation, postpartum and immunity):

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Homemade baby formula:


La Leche League International is a non-governmental, nonprofit organization that organizes advocacy, educational, and training related to breastfeeding: 

Nursing Balm Nipple Cream for Breastfeeding:

Pelvic fitness is vital when preparing for birth and getting back in shape postpartum. Kim Vopni, the Vagina Coach has great resources including a Prepare to Push course, 28-day Birth Like A Boss Challenge, and a 28-day Buff Muff Challenge.

In Sweden, check out the Midwife Blog:

If you would like to train your body postpartum in NW Stockholm, we recommend CRE8YOU:


Our digestive system plays a major role in our immunity as well as food energy and nutrient absorption.


Traditional Foods:


Yin and Yang foods and way of eating:


Dirty Dozen: 


Clean Fifteen: 


Tea and women’s health:


Serendipitea receives no financial or other reward for resources recommended here.


We are not responsible for the accuracy of information on websites that we link to as general information resources. Please always check information sources and get medical advice before relying on health-related statements on any internet page. 

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