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Our Story

Serendipitea mugs
Linda & Patricia from Serendipitea

Linda and Patricia met serendipitously in Stockholm, Sweden when Linda became a patient of Patricia’s clinical practice. Becoming quick and fast friends, they came together with their backgrounds in Neuroscience, Traditional Medicine and Herbalism, to take their passion for bringing women’s health issues to the forefront. Serendipitea was born!  Linda and Patricia believe that women’s health issues tend to be underserved and are devoted to helping women empower themselves with community, knowledge, coaching, as well as speciality and herbal medicinal teas for all the moments in their day and stages of their lives. Serendipitea combines traditional wisdom with modern scientific research evidence. 

Serendipitea launched online on International Women's Day, March 8th, 2021.

Serendipitea’s Mission:

Serendipitea teas and infusions support and nourish every day and each stage of a woman’s life. We build community with shared wisdom, and empower your journey to optimal health, wellness, and the confidence of becoming your best self. 

Our Vision is:

Women feel supported, nourished, empowered and inspired with confidence through their life journey. They are able to elevate their wellbeing through access to traditional herbal medicine, speciality artisanal teas, and community wisdom.

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