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Serendipitea partners with Skåne Ljus: Three unique teas are born, inspired by the Skåne landscape!

We are delighted to have been approached by Skåne Ljus to work with them to create herbal tea blends that promote the health benefits of the nature and landscape in this very special region in southern Sweden.

Skåne Ljus is a brand that has been founded on the love of this area - for the wide open spaces, endless skies, gentle coastline of pale sands and an internal countryside that is a mix of open fields - notably those of the vivid yellow ‘raps’ (rapeseed) that the region is rightly famous for in early summer - with pockets of ancient birch, oak and spruce woodlands.

The natural moorlands and gentle hills create a feeling of openness and light, ever changing according to the seasons and weather. Famous too for the winds, carrying its scent of salt from the Baltic Sea or the warm beauty of wild rose which grows abundant.

It is from the perspective of this landscape that we have worked together to create three very unique blends, from the herbs, plants & flowers that are native to Skåne. It was very important to us, when we first began our co-operation that these blends not only contain these local botanicals which reflect Skåne’s landscape but of course that they taste delightful and that each blend is balanced with care and our expertise in traditional medicine so that they can actually bring about benefits to one’s health & wellbeing. We are delighted that we have succeeded on all these elements.

It has been a pleasure working with this wonderful business, with which we have a lot in common, not least being a small business based in Sweden and founded by women who have established a new life here, with paths that have taken us through many different countries before we individually discovered Sweden. It has really been ’Serendipity’ that brought us together! Three delicious blends, truly grounded in the spirit of the region, are the result of this partnership:

Skåne Bris* Tea is an uplifting blend that may be used as a digestive, to calm the nerves as well as to support immunity and skin health. Like a breath of fresh air, this is a rejuvenating and beautifying blend that harmonises the body and lifts the spirit. It contains Dandelion (Maskros) to clear excess heat in the body and aid in liver detoxification. Rose (Ros) calms the Shen (spirit) by moving Qi in the chest and benefits the skin. Chamomile (Kamomill) is a fragrant and relaxing herb that calms and soothes the intestines, easing digestive upset. Rosehip (Nypon) is high in antioxidants, supports the immune system and beauties the skin. Finally, Lavender (Lavendel) is deeply relaxing. *Bris means "breeze" in English.

Skåne Mosse* Tea is a delicate blend of herbs that uplifts, calms and grounds the Shen (mind & spirit). It is a nourishing and deeply relaxing blend that will ease anxiety, calm and also have benefits to the skin. It contains Sea Buckthorn (Havtorn), naturally packed with vitamins, and minerals, Lemon Balm (Citronmeliss), the “gladdening herb” with amazing capacity to ease anxiety, Nettle (Nässlor) which nourishes and protects the Yin, Linden Flower (Tilia) which is deeply calming, and Rose (Ros) which dissolves stress by moving the Qi in the chest as well as benefitting the skin. Finally, licorice adds a favourite Nordic flavour and is an adaptogen that soothes and regulates the intestines.*Mosse means "moorland" in English.

Skåne Mylla* Latte is a lovely powder blend that is warming and enlightening, supporting and awakening the heart, and building immunity. This supercharged immunity blend celebrates as a key ingredient Chaga, a herb that grows in the cold Nordic regions and is well known as an immune modulator that may have anti-cancer properties. The blend also contains Cardamom (Kardemumma) which warms the digestion and assists in nutrient uptake, Lingonberry (Lingon) which is packed with antioxidants and supports cardiovascular health, Licorice (Lakris) which soothes the entire digestive tract, Cinnamon (Kanel) and Turmeric (Gurkmeja) which calms inflammation and moves the Qi in the body, easing pain in the joints. *Mylla means "of the soil beneath" in English

All the teas contain organically cultivated herbs without added ingredients.

You can purchase the blends in person at Skåne Ljus, Killebackevägen 77, Ystad 27198,

or on the their website:

Stay tuned for more news about this exciting partnership, including ways that you can get involved and attend our events in the magical Skåne landscape!


Are you a business interested in a customised tea blend?

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Feel free to reach out to us at any time with queries.









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