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Beauty truly comes from the inside out! If one is nourished, hydrated, has a healthy microbiome, the liver is able to do the job of breaking down toxins, and hormones are in will show up as healthy, radiant and glowing skin.

Issues around skincare and beauty vary throughout life, and through different stages of the menstrual cycle. Unidentified food sensitivities can cause skin problems like eczema (often coupled with asthma). Traditional Oriental Medicine (TOM) has understood that the lungs and the skin share a close relationship for thousands of years. TOM also recognizes that certain foods may cause heat or damp in the system and eventually will express on the skin as acne, for example. When these skin conditions do exist, cutting out oily/greasy foods, shellfish, alcohol and caffeine can help to ease symptoms. 


After cutting out trigger foods, simple additions to a healthy diet can further help you to get healthy skin. Eating flax is an excellent source of essential fatty acids. It can also help to balance hormones. Taking an excellent quality probiotic can calm inflammation and improve overall skin health. Taking a vitamin D supplement can also boost skin health.

Tea for Beauty

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Beauty from the inside out: your natural guide to healthy & nourished skin

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Beauty from the inside out

When skin conditions do exist, herbs work incredibly well to heal the problem from the root. Western medicine often treats skin conditions with antibiotics, steroids or hormones. This is not treating the root and usually the condition goes away for a while, only to come back far worse. 


Many Asian cultures use herbs not only to treat skin conditions, but also to promote beautiful healthy skin. Herbs that clear heat, aid in detoxification and calm inflammation are often used. 


The traditional medicine approach understands that proper nutrition, avoiding food triggers/sensitivities and improving gut health are key for healing skin conditions. The vitality of the liver and its ability to detoxify is also necessary for healthy, beautiful skin. Dermatological conditions must be healed from the inside out, in other words dealing with the root cause. 

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Traditional Medicine looks at the entire picture of a person's constitution, current symptoms, patterns & presentation as a unique case. We can create a custom formula that is tailored to your specific needs. Please click to complete a questionnaire: 

You may also want to book an appointment with our herbalist, Patricia, to discuss lifestyle, functional nutrition or other holistic approaches to support you on your journey to wellness.

Patricia specialises in dermatology and women’s health. She has assisted clients to heal from stubborn skin conditions like eczema, rosacea and acne.