Most of us are in awe of how our bodies are able to grow a tiny human and adapt to the challenges of pregnancy. Despite this, growing a human is not easy. Are you a pregnancy unicorn who is finding the whole experience simply delightful and wondrous or, like most of us, also a super challenge? 

Mama Tia pregnancy tea aims to help support you through this wonderful and challenging time, particularly if you are suffering morning sickness (who said it’s just in the morning?!). 


Pregnancy is an important time to be mindful of eating nutritious and wholesome foods. This is not a time to fast or start any extreme diet regime. Eating plenty of green vegetables, seeds, olive oil and avocado is a wonderful way to get nutrition...however, in Traditional Oriental Medicine, it is important to cook your vegetables. Cold, raw veggies can harm the spleen and cause digestive issues. Most herbs can be used safely in cooking to stimulate and maintain healthy digestion during this time. Cinnamon, ginger, fennel and cardamom are all excellent candidates. But, please do remember that just because it is natural, it is not necessarily safe during pregnancy. Always talk to your trusted herbalist before taking herbs when pregnant, and consult your doctor if you have any underlying health conditions. Serendipitea herbalist, Patricia, is available for online consultations.

Tea for Pregnancy

Best Tea for Pregnancy


Beautiful baby: a guide to a joyous & healthy pregnancy

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