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Tea for your business or event

How about a customised Serendipitea for your hotel, wedding, retreat or other event? We will work with you to select a suitable tea (from a range of hundreds) or design a bespoke concept tea blend that reflects your brand or event and creates the desired mood.

We can also create a workplace "tea experience" at your business by regularly supplying artisanal teas for staff/visitors to drink at various times during the day, with a complimentary daily plan customised to business needs, break times, events.

Depending on the type of tea chosen, minimum order quantities may apply. This will be discussed up front during the process of developing your tea.

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Business partner example:

Serendipitea was approached by Skåne Ljus to work with them to create tea blends that promote the health benefits of the nature and landscape in this very special region in Southern Sweden. Three unique teas were born, inspired by the brand values centred around the Skåne landscape.

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Testimonial from Tonia McManus, Partner, Skåne Ljus / Röd Fågel Företag HB

"What a great partnership! Right from the initial discussion, exploring my ideas and concepts, through to your knowledge on herbs and the benefits (both individual and how they work together) and importantly, how they taste, we came up with 3 superb blends.
I really love these teas, and after having them on sale now for a number of weeks, our customers have also been very positive 💛 Excited that we shall be developing our mutual businesses to include an exploration of our tea blends alongside other wellness topics at our forthcoming program of events & retreats."


To discuss a custom blend or supply of tea to your business, please contact us via the form above or email.

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