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Julie G, France

Flash! tea for menopause

“Despite being post menopause I still get the occasional hot flash but since I’ve been drinking my menopause tea aptly named Flash!, I notice that I haven’t had any flashes. The tea has a wonderful aromatic fragrance and is really pleasant to drink. I can’t wait to try some of the other teas in this range!"

Jack W, U.K.

Think Pink with personalised Valentine’s packaging, and other Your Day teas

"We absolutely loved our tea! Think Pink was my wife’s absolute favourite, we drank it every morning on our first Valentine’s weekend together as husband and wife. We love Time To Relax in the evening before bed after a long day in the office, and Hawaiian Blue Sky is a family favourite. My mum particularly loves it and I can understand why! Thank you Serendipitea!"



Magdalena G, Skåne, Sweden

LightUp & TranquiliTea

“I never thought that I would find a tea that could help me, but now I have. Since I started with my life tea, for burnout reset and insomnia, I feel so much calmer and sleeps so much better. I am in love and addicted to the Serendipitea teas, and I will never stop using them. Thank you for an amazing product!

Hedvig R, Stockholm, Sweden


"Thanks so much for the amazing PostparTea! This time labor went so much more smoothly and I felt so much better after giving birth. My body felt much stronger and I experienced much less complications. Thank you for making my body heal faster."


Anna T, Stockholm, Sweden


"My first cup of TranquiliTea was wonderful! I had a cup and fell asleep 15 minutes later, an hour and a half earlier than usual. I had great sleep!"

Julie W, British Columbia, Canada

Ooh-long Canada & Organic Honeybush

"I just bought some lovely tea from Serendipitea World online. It arrived in less than 5 business days and the teas were high quality. The website was easy to navigate and informative. Patricia’s videos are great; thanks for sharing your knowledge on TCM. I enjoy a cup of tea in the afternoon and now that I’m a mom, I share this time with my young daughter (she has non-caffeinated of course). Ooh-long Canada is my favorite and Organic Honeybush with a spot of milk is my daughter’s favorite. We can’t wait to test the rest of the gift with order samples!"


Jaya V, France

Your Day teas

"The aromas and delicately complex flavors are evocative of aptly named teas. I find it to be a transformative experience - for example, the taste and smell of woodland whisper brings forth imagery and scents from taking a walk in the woods at sunset. I also love the vast selection of teas to choose from and have several favorites already!

Lastly, I am very excited about the personalized tea recommendations! In short, I'm a serendipitea convert!"


The opinions expressed here are those of our clients/customers and are unedited

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