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Why Loose Leaf Tea?

loose leaf tea
loose herbal tea

Why did we choose to offer most of our teas in loose leaf format?

Have you ever opened a tea bag, looked at the dust-like contents and wondered how these contents could possibly be tasty or healthy?

Contrast this with the luscious look and smell of opening a bag or tin of loose leaf tea, an aroma that transports you to another place.

Loose leaf tea is simply better quality than most tea bag teas. It consists of intact whole leaves that are rich in antioxidants, and other beautiful ingredients that remain in their original whole or cut form. Tea bags tend to contain broken leaves that have lost some of their antioxidant properties and flavour. Mass produced tea bags often contain very small pieces of leaves and tea dust, which is the dust and fannings (small particles) left over from broken tea leaves, basically the waste product. When leaves are broken, they lose oils and aroma so the experience and flavour are compromised. With loose tea, what you see is what you get.

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